NE1B Notables...
The league wishes to acknowledge all participants in league activities for their considerable effort and accomplishments. However, some athletes rise to a level in their athletic and academic pursuits to which only a few individuals aspire and are fortunate to experience. As the league and the WIAA acknowledge these accomplishments, we attempt to acknowledge them on this web site as well.
Hall of Fame...
The league attempts to acknowledge unparalleled contributions to the league. FInd out more about those we've chosen to honor. Click on the names below to find out more about our Hall of Famers.

League Honors...
Each season, the league designates students excelling in their specific sport and takes into account their role in their school with regard to scholarship and citizenship. This designation is labeled as All Conference/All League Honors. Links to All Conference honors in seasons and years past are located to the left. Keep checking here for updates.

State Notables...
Many state performance Notables are placed on this site. This site is not an all inclusive list. We're in a constant search to find the Notable State performances of schools and their respective athletes that make up the league, so the information will continue to change until we've captured it all, as recognized by the WIAA. To see team or individual Washington state placers for their respective school, click on the respective school in the right navigation of this page.

This site contains information about state competition, as recognized by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). There are many types of notable performances within the league and we're not interested in slighting any of those performances. Notable performances, for the purposes of posting on this site, are when a student or team from the NEA represents his/her school at the state level.Notables

  1. Individuals listed are those that placed in the top eight in state competition.
  2. Team notable performances are those where the WIAA recognizes the team's performance at the state level.
  3. Qualifying for Regional competition does not necessarily qualify you for recognition on this site.

Remembering The "B"

Remembering The BRemembering the "B"

The publication is a 464 page four-color hardcover book about the Washington State “B” Basketball Tournament, the greatest tournament ever held.

Chronology of the rule changes from 1923-2010. Detailed stories and summaries of the 68 boys and 33 girls championship games. Featured stories on many of the great coaches, players and administrators who made the tournament such an enjoyable event.